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Welcome to Niconico Wiki! ニコニコウィキへようこそ! Wondering where to start? Why not try Special:AllPages?

What is this wiki for?

This wiki aims to be a temporary unofficial fill-in for the missing English version of Nicopedia.

What is Nicopedia?

On the Japanese Niconico, there is a Nicopedia, which is like a Wikipedia for Niconico. Have you noticed the grey question mark boxes and red 百 boxes next to tag names, and other things? These are links to Nicopedia. As you can see, it can be a very useful source of information when encountering terms you're not familiar with on Niconico.

But this won't be the same if it's not integrated into Nico Nico as well!

Which is where this comes in: Greasemonkey scripts to display an extra box next to the existing Nicopedia links that point to this wiki.

The added boxes will now show whether the articles linked to exist properly. They will show the article not existing if the tag or broadcaster's name is not a valid title for an article. The added boxes will change when a new video is loaded on NNV, and when the tags are updated on NNL or NNV. Boxes are added to tag links on NNV:Q, video article link on NNV:Q, tag links on NNL:Q, and broadcaster profile links on NNL:Q. These scripts work on 単語 (/a/), 生放送 (/l/), and 動画 (/v/) links.

These scripts are provided as is, although bug reports are appreciated, on twitter: @ckwng. These scripts should auto-update when a new version is out. If you notice they don't, please tell me!

What is suitable to be on this wiki?

Anything related to Niconico is okay to be on this wiki. Video articles, tag articles, jargon articles, profile articles, articles about stuff often seen on Nico Nico, articles on stuff related to that stuff. If you can see a need for someone on Nico Nico to know that information, it would probably be nice to have that here.

Who can edit this wiki?

Anyone can edit this wiki, as long as they have an account (or at least, it's set that way. If you can't edit the wiki please tweet me at @ckwng and describe your situation). You can create an account by clicking the create account link at the top right. Although the actual Nicopedia requires a Premium Membership to be able to edit, we're not going to be asking that of everyone here just yet...

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